About Us

Enhanzcom Pte Ltd was established in 2007 with a vision to bring new software technologies at affordable investment value to SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises). Through the support of A*STAR SIMTech, we engineered and developed FITPRISE UCA. Our objective is to enable easy creation of customised and scalable software management systems for companies to adopt into their operations. Enhanzcom’s solutions are designed to meet three essential requirements that SMEs are looking for when it comes to adopting software management systems. They are customised functionality, ease of use and affordable costs. This is especially relevant for SMEs in Singapore. Its struggle is to innovate its processes to be ahead in an already ultra-competitive SME segment.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help SMEs digitise their business operations to improve productivity, customer service and overall business management. Our vision is to be the partner of choice of SMEs looking to innovate for future sustainability.

Our Team

In addition to our experienced leadership team, Enhanzcom is comprised of industry experts with a comprehensive, focused understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist in today’s infocomm industry landscape. Bringing deep experience to any challenge, our team is able to quickly uncover the correct strategy and solution, enabling our clients to reap the benefits of their expertise.

The three supporting pillars of Enhanzcom are our Product Development, Sales & Marketing and Professional Services teams respectively, led by a Senior Management team with a combined IT software and industry experience or more than 60 years. We build the bridge from challenge to solution.

How We Can Help 

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