History & Milestones


After 18 years in IT software and services for various technology solutions, the founders wanted to make a difference to make technology adoption more effective and affordable for local businesses. In 2007, after a meeting with A*STAR SIMTech, a collaborative partnership agreement was reached to develop and commercialize a software configuration platform known as FITPRISE UCA (Unified Configuration Architecture). The primary aim was to provide a software configuration platform where developers could use to create business systems (ERP, CRM, WMS etc) in a shorter span of time.

Enhanzcom successfully launch this FITPRISE UCA software platform in 2009. Its management team with a combined IT software and industry workflow experience of more than 100 years spearheaded to bring it to the market. The team continues to grow the FITPRISE technology adoption across different industry domains in manufacturing, trading and a broad range of service companies.



Operations Kick Off!

Enhanzcom commenced collaboration with A*STAR SIMTech for the development of the Software Configuration Technology Platform – Unified Configurator Architecture (UCA).


Product Launch!

FITPRISE EMS software product ready for market commercialization adoption.


Product Recognition among 30 Competitor Entrants

Finalist in Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) 2013 Awards in “Cloud Computing” category.


Customer Success Reference on CRM Sales Force Automation

IDA Cloud Computing Booklet 2014: featuring Enhanzcom’s customer, Slide & Hide, adopting FITPRISE’s cloud-based solution for managing their sales force entitled “Regional Sales Operations Empowered by Cloud”.

FITPRISE Solution Showcase

The Straits Times SME Clinic 8th July 2014 – describing FITPRISE Customer Management System


2015 Customer Adoption Experience of FITPRISE for Inventory Operations

A*STAR Newsletter 2015: Featuring Enhanzcom’s customer, Aequitas Global, on adopting FITPRISE web-based inventory system.


Market Awareness Outreach and Engaging Industry Audience

A*STAR SME Day 2017 Conference – speaking engagement on conference topic “Develop & Adopt Technology for Business Success” at Resort World Convention, addressing an industry audience of over 1,000 attendees.

Sharing of Enhanzcom’s Journey in Helping SMEs

The Straits Times 29th March 2017 – describing Enhanzcom’s journey in helping SMEs adopt digital technology entitled “Enhanzcom, an SME that enhances other SMEs”.

Customer Adoption Experience of FITPRISE for Manufacturing Operations

TV Channel 8 Money Week 3rd May 2017 – featuring Enhanzcom’s customer, Oliver Company, on technology adoption.

Customer Adoption Experience of FITPRISE for Manufacturing Operations

The Business Times 22nd November 2017 – featuring Enhanzcom’s customer, Tacam Steel, on technology adoption entitled “Firm cuts costs, errors with Web system”.


Thanking and Valuing Our Customers

Hosted first Customer Appreciation Night 2018 event in appreciation of customer support for last 10 years.

Recognition of Industry Collaboration Efforts

Awarded A*STAR SIMTech’s “Partnership for Impact Award” as a recognition of collaborative efforts with SIMTech in market technology adoption and industry outreach.


New Service Offering – Workflow Digitisation Blueprint

Launch of new consulting service at A*STAR/Enterprise Singapore SME Day 2019 Conference on 3rd April 2019 – “Digitisation Workflow Program”.