FITPRISE Maid Agency Management is a web-based business system to help agencies manage and track the sales employment contracts and invoices for each household employer and their foreign domestic worker. This system significantly reduces the time spend in preparing contracts, invoices and reports; where information is extracted from standard profiles for Maid Bio-data, Insurance, SBP, SIP, Embassy Fees etc. System checks and prompts for missing documents based on MOM stipulated regulations. System also helps staff monitor contract renewals through notification reminders.


  • Users Management
  • Module Management
  • Roles Management
  • Company Information
  • Agency Profile
  • Country Profile
  • Currency Profile
  • Department Profile
  • Document Type Profile
  • Employee Profile
  • Fund Type Profile
  • Nationality Profile
  • Tax Profile
  • CPF Profile
  • SDL Profife
  • Services and Fees
  • Service Type Profite
  • Packages Profile
  • Ledger Profile
  • Operations
    • Employer
    • Worker
    • Safes Order
    • Sales Invoice
    • Sales Receipt
    • Miscellaneous Invoice
    • Loan Invoice
  • Payments
    • Loan Repayment
    • Service Payment
    • Vendor Invoice
    • Vendor Payment
    • Petty Cash Payment
    • Petty Cash Receipt
    • Petty Cash Ledger
  • Feedback
    • Feedback Form
    • Complaint Form
  • HR Management
    • Leave Approval
    • Payroll Month
    • Leave Generation
    • Leave Profile
    • Public Holiday
    • Leave In Lieu
  • Sales Report
  • Daily Receipt Report
  • Payment Report
  • Petty Cash Book Report

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