FITPRISE Sales Operations is a web-based business system to help companies manage their operations from creation customer profiles, sales leads and quotations to the financial delivery and customer invoices process. This system facilitates convenient tracking of various stages of the customer sales cycle and also provides the ability to monitor reseller/distribution channels. Each sales team member’s opportunity status is captured for easy visibility and follow up.


  • User Management
  • Module Management
  • Role Management
  • Email Notification
  • Company Information
  • Department Profile
  • Designation Profile
  • Employee Profile
  • Currency Profile
  • Tax Profile
  • Opportunity Status
  • Quotation Type
  • Lead Source Profile
  • Country Profile
  • Industry Profllee
  • Log Type Profile
  • Payment Terms
  • UOM Profile
  • Prospect
    • Leads Opportunities (Customer)
    • Contact Log
  • Leads Opportunities (Partner)
    • Contact Log
  • Sales
    • Quotation
    • Quotation Approval
  • Project Manager
    • Project Management
  • Finance
    • Invoice
    • Receipt
    • Credit Note
Printout & Reports
  • Quotation Printout
  • Invoice Printout
  • Credit Note Printout
  • Sales Pipeline Report (Company)
  • Sales Pipeline Chart (Company)
  • Sales Pipeline Report (Sales Person)
  • Sales Pipeline Chart (Sales Person)
  • Outstanding Project Completion Report
  • Sales Order Report
  • Sales Revenue Report (Sales Person)
  • Sales Revenue Report (Customer)
  • Product Enquiry Statistic Chart
  • Product Sales Statistic Chart
  • Outstanding Invoices Report
  • Customer Statement of Account

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