FITPRISE Shop floor is a production shop floor system that helps manufacturing companies track their customer jobs indicating the status of the jobs (New, WIP, Completed) and the quantity completed through the various production processes (CNC machining, cutting, assembly etc). The capturing of data such as Process ID and Operator ID can captured in the system via bar coding scanning.


  • User Management
  • Module Management
  • Roles Management
  • Company Information
  • Currency Profile
  • Tax Profile
  • Customer Profile
  • Department Profile
  • Employee Profile
  • UOM Profile
  • Part Profile
  • Process Type
  • Process Template
  • Job Processing
    • Work Order
    • Process Planning
    • Timesheet
    • Costing (Manual)
  • Inventory (Finished Goods)
    • Inventory Addition
    • Inventory Reduction
    • Delivery Order
    • Inventory Ledger (FIFO)
Printout & Reports
  • Work Order Printout
  • Delivery Order Printout
  • Part Inventory Summary
  • Overdue Job Report
  • Job Summary Report

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