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Did you know only 2 out of 10 businesses succeed because they dare to innovate? However, many small businesses do not take the effort to innovate leading to stagnant business growth. To serve as a catalyst for change, Enhanzcom offers robust business process solutions to address a variety of business challenges using custom web applications.

Whatever industry your organisation occupies, Enhanzcom through our unique software development methodology can help you reach your business objectives and goals. Specifically, Enhanzcom’s custom web application helps automate your workflow, predict potential delays, eliminate programming and integrates easily into existing applications. If you want a business solution workflow that works, Enhanzcom is the choice software development company in Singapore.

Introducing FITPRISE EMS

FITPRISE Enterprise Management System (EMS) is a custom built web-based management software designed to fit and integrate business operations workflow in any industry for development in Singapore. FITPRISE EMS offers companies the flexibility and scalability often required by SMEs and even large organisations.

The ability to automate business processes, with the flexibility to extend the system to support all other business workflows, at minimal disruption and manageable cost. This is vital in helping companies manage their capital expenditure and phase in such technology changes to their operations.

Why does your organization benefit with FITPRISE EMS?

  • Customised “made to order” methodology – custom web-based management applications offering unlimited system modules within the software to integrate operations and improve productivity.
  • Quick development and deployment leads to savings and lower Investment.
  • Scalable to meet future requirements without tedious and long development effort.
  • Simple User Interface and Functions aid users to adapt, adopt and quickly maximise system’s capability.
  • Allows users in any location are able to input, collaborate and access information simultaneously across the internet and in real-time, anytime, anywhere.
  • Our customers in Singapore and abroad utilise our FITPRISE EMS solutions for their full or partial business operations workflow.

Solutions that Save You Time and Money

Many software project implementations do not succeed when off-the-shelve software package systems cannot deliver to specific needs and extensive modifications to available package solutions are not cost-effective.

More companies are looking for systems that can be customised to their work functions and deployed in a short time frame for maximum benefits and quicker ROI. Our FITPRISE solution provides for quick development of software systems, requiring minimum or no programming effort, and is easy to configure, test and deploy a system in days rather than weeks. All this is done at a minimal investment.


FITPRISE Unified Configurator Architecture (UCA) is a web-based multi-tenanted development platform that offers a step-by-step configuration methodology for developing business management systems that are built-to-requirements.

The business management systems, referred to as FITPRISE Enterprise Management System (EMS), are designed to fit and integrate business workflow in any industry segment.

Who should use FITPRISE UCA and why?

Companies with internal IT resources can use FITPRISE UCA to self-configure web management systems to support their business operations.

Similarly, IT Solution Providers, Software Developers, System Integrators and Business Consultants can also use FITPRISE UCA to develop solutions for their customers at a reduced development time.

The added advantages of FITPRISE UCA

  • Rapid creation of customised business management systems that support each company’s operations workflows (examples: Customer Quotation to Billing, Procurement to Store Inventory, Job Creation to Project Tracking, Project Creation to Resource Assignment, End-to-End Operation Functions etc).
  • When off-the-shelve software package systems cannot cater to specific needs and extensive modifications to available package solutions are not cost-effective.
  • Easy development of systems, requiring minimum or no programming effort.
  • Quick configuration, testing and system deployment in days or weeks rather than months.
  • Convenient system modifications within minutes or hours rather than days and without undergoing tedious programming effort.
  • Flexible creation of unlimited system modules.

Key Solution Features

  • Web-based Configuration Platform – for creating integrated system modules or work processes, through a step-by-step configuration methodology.
  • Preconfigured Standard Modules and System Functions – such as Users Profile, User Access Controls, “Create” Edit” “Delete” “Cancel” functions help reduce system development time.
  • Comprehensive Report Builder – ability to configure integrated management reports displaying and computing data from different work functions.
  • Open Systems Environment – developed on Microsoft .Net framework with Microsoft SQL database to ensure easy interfacing with external systems via importing/exporting data from Microsoft Office documents (MS Word, MS Excel) or using Web Services.

Download FITPRISE Solution Brochure here.

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