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Making Sense of Digitisation for Companies

With close to a decade of helping hundreds of companies digitize their business processes with our FITPRISE solutions, we see a growing need to bridge the gap between actual operations workflow and available digital solutions to support company’s workflow for maximum benefits. Many companies lack a proper understanding of digitisation applications and where it can have the greatest impact in their operations workflow. Adopting digital technologies as a whole may not be suitable for certain business processes, where a combination of manual effort and digitally-enabled systems can provide the greatest impact for the company. Digitisation for companies is the process of converting manual workflow or operations processes to digitally-enabled systems for productivity gains.

Common questions faced by companies

  • How do I start to digitise my company’s operations?
  • Which part of my business operations should I transform with digital technologies?
  • Which work functions in my company should I begin to digitise first?

Common practice within companies

    • Information is stored in different areas (file servers and individual user workstations)
    • Documents are managed manually with Microsoft office tools
    • Operation status updates are not readily available; eg Job, Project or Quotation status
    • Work procedures and product knowledge are known to only a few persons
Lack of documentation and understanding of company’s assets, equipment, machines, servicing maintenance period etc.

Embark on your Digital Journey with the Right Foundation

How can Enhanzcom help?

  • Onsite consultative sessions with company’s departments
  • Review current operations workflow and information management within individual department functions
  • Identify areas for digitisation and workflow automation for each department
  • Propose a systemized workflow, automation and streamlining of the business processes
  • Propose any 3rd party tools to support the operation workflow to address each department’s requirements

Preparation of a Systems Workflow Blueprint Document of your company’s operations

  • Describes the company’s operations workflow in a diagrammatic and systemised modular structure enabling data sharing and processing across work functions
  • Identify relevant supporting management reports and operation forms that can be digitised and system generated to replace current manual work practice
  • Example of a systemised workflow diagram depicted in modular function for a company’s operations can be seen below:
Example of a systemised workflow diagram depicted in modular function for a company’s operations.  

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