The Business Times, 22nd April 2014

The Straits Times, 8th July 2014

Showcases Enhanzcom’s customer management system package for SMEs usage to drive productivity.

IDA Cloud Computing Booklet 2014

Features Slide & Hide, manufacturer of doors for building industry, adoption of Enhanzcom’s cloud-based sales operations system for its sale force.

A*STAR Newsletter 2015

Features Aequitas Global using FITPRISE Enterprise Management System for managing their stock inventory.

A*STAR SIMTech’S Manufacturing Matters Publication, April 2017

Describes Enhanzcom’s partnership with SIMTech in driving adoption of business management system through a co-developed software development platform to support different industries.

A*STAR Newsletter 2019

Features Enhanzcom technology collaboration with A*STAR SIMTech to support SMEs digital transformation.

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The Business Times, 22nd November 2017

Features Tacam Steel, a steel door manufacturer, adoption of Enhanzcom’s web-based enterprise system enabling savings of 30% in time and resources.

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The Straits Times, 29th March 2017

Describes Enhanzcom journey in helping SMEs digitize their workflow for nearly a decade with their affordable, customizable and scalable digital workflow systems.

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